Specialty & Technical Grade

Custom cGMP Solutions

Pfanstiehl can create custom solutions to address your unique high purity, cGMP component requirements. Contact us to discuss collaborative opportunities.


Large Volume Parenterals

Product Code Product Description CAS No.
A-152 Ammonium Lactate 515-98-0
A-152-1 Ammonium Lactate (Pharmaceutical Grade) 515-98-0
S-108 Sodium Gluconate, USP (Low Endotoxin) 527-07-1
S-110 Sodium DL-Lactate Solution 60%, USP 72-17-3


Technical Grade

Product Code Product Description CAS No.
D-112 Dextrose, USP (Anhydrous) 50-99-7
D-112-1 Dextrose, ACS (Anhydrous) 50-99-7
F-101 Fructose, USP 57-48-7
F-104-1 L-Fucose 2438-80-4
G-110 D-Glucoheptono-l 4-lactone 60046-25-5
M-105 Maltose Monohydrate 6363-53-7
S-112 Sorbitol, NF 50-70-4
S-117 Sucrose NF 57-50-1
S-117-1 Sucrose, ACS 57-50-1
T-104 α,α-Trehalose Dihydrate 6138-23-4


Other Specialty Products including Supplements

Please contact Pfanstiehl Customer Service for these products.