Large Volume Parenterals

Product Code Product Description CAS No.
A-152 Ammonium Lactate 515-98-0
A-152-1 Ammonium Lactate (Pharmaceutical Grade) 515-98-0
S-108 Sodium Gluconate, USP (Low Endotoxin) 527-07-1
S-110 Sodium DL-Lactate Solution 60%, USP 72-17-3


Technical Grade

Product Code Product Description CAS No.
D-112 Dextrose, USP (Anhydrous) 50-99-7
D-112-1 Dextrose, ACS (Anhydrous) 50-99-7
F-101 Fructose, USP 57-48-7
F-104-1 L-Fucose 2438-80-4
G-110 D-Glucoheptono-l 4-lactone 60046-25-5
M-105 Maltose Monohydrate 6363-53-7
S-112 Sorbitol, NF 50-70-4
S-117 Sucrose NF 57-50-1
S-117-1 Sucrose, ACS 57-50-1
T-104 α,α-Trehalose Dihydrate 6138-23-4

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