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Pfanstiehl has been developing and manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for over 30 years.

SKUDescriptionCAS No.
C-145Cytarabine, U.S.P.147-94-4



cGMP-Produced Formulation ComponentsPrint

Pfanstiehl offers High Purity Ingredients manufactured under ICH Q7 cGMP conditions serving a multitude of industries with varying specifications.

SKUDescriptionCAS No.
A-152Ammonium Lactate515-98-0
A-152-1Ammonium Lactate (Pharmaceutical Grade)515-98-0
D-112Dextrose, USP (Anhydrous)50-99-77
D-112-1Dextrose, ACS (Anhydrous)50-99-77
F-101Fructose, USP57-48-7
G-105-1D-Galactose, (Low Endotoxin)59-23-4
G-105-3D-Galactose, Plant Derived59-23-4
G-105-6D-Galactose, (Low Endotoxin), Bioburden Tested59-23-4
G-106D-Galactose, High Purity59-23-4
G-110D-Glucoheptono-l 4-lactone60046-25-5
G-125-1D-Galactose, High Purity (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP, Lactose-Derived59-23-4
G-126-1D-Galactose, High Purity (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP, Plant-Derived59-23-4
M-105Maltose Monohydrate6363-53-7
M-109-6D-Mannitol, High Purity (Low Endotoxin), USP, EP, JP69-65-8
M-131-1Maltose, High Purity, Hydrate (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF6363-53-7
M-131-2Maltose, High Purity, Hydrate (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF Bioburden Tested6363-53-7
S-108Sodium Gluconate (Low Endotoxin), USP527-07-1
S-110Sodium DL-Lactate Solution 60%, USP72-17-3
S-112Sorbitol, NF50-70-4
S-117Sucrose, NF57-50-1
S-117-1Sucrose, ACS57-50-1
S-124-1-MCSucrose, High Purity, (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP, JP, Cane Derived57-50-1
S-124-1Sucrose, High Purity, (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP, Cane Derived57-50-1
S-124-2-MCSucrose, High Purity, (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP, JP, Beet Derived57-50-1
S-124-3Sucrose High Purity, (Low Endotoxin) USP/NF, EP, Carbon Treated57-50-1
T-104α,α-Trehalose Dihydrate6138-23-4
T-104-4α,α-Trehalose Dihydrate High Purity, (Low Endotoxin), USP/NF, EP6138-23-4